Monday - Friday [8am-9pm]

Saturday & Sunday: [9am-7pm]

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Perfect Tan - Riverside

19069 Van Buren #112

Riverside, Ca 92508


Perfect Tan - Temecula North

41257 Margarita Rd. B106

Temecula, Ca 92591


Perfect Tan - Temecula South

33215 Temecula Pkwy Unit C

Temecula, Ca 92592


*6.5% UVB  |  *Stimulates melanin production  |  *20 min. max time 
 *7-9 min. suggested starting time  |  *personalized music selection
*3.5% UVB  |  *premium bronzing lamps  |  *15 min. max time   
*6-8 min. suggested starting time  |  *personalized music selection
*adjustable face lamps  |  *upgraded cooling system  |  *standup option available: Riverside

   One Month Packages = 30 Days of unlimited tanning  | V.I.Perfect Pass = Unlimited Monthly tanning. EFT Membership. No sign up fees. No annual contract. See additional member benefits below. | All Access = EFT Membership pairing unlimited sunbeds and VersaPRO spray tanning.  | Individual Sessions are available: Silver = $9.99, Gold = $14.99, Platinum = $19.99, Diamond = $24.99

*2.5% UVB  |  *premium bronzing lamps  |  *12 min. max time
*5-6 min. suggested starting time  |  *music selection powered by Spotify
*adjustable face lamps  |  *upgraded cooling system & AC  |  *standup option available: All stores
*The latest innovation in tanning technology!  |  *unit automatically adjusts exposure
to maximize your color while virtually eliminating the risk of overexposure (sunburn)
*start at max time!  |  *music selection powered by Spotify
*AC, body misters & aroma therapy!  |  *Availble at: Riverside & Temecula North

* No sign up fee

* No annual contract

* Your rate decreases over time!

* Cancel any time after 2nd payment

* 50% OFF Red Light


* 50% OFF VersaPRO

spray tans

*50% OFF Custom Airbrush

* 20% OFF tanning lotions

* $3 session upgrades

* 20% OFF teeth whitening kits

* Bring a friend for FREE 

all March and September!

What is the difference in each level?

Answer: The higher the level the less time you tan for because each session is more efficient. Also, the higher the level, the less UVB (burning ray) there is. UVB is good in moderation because it gives you Vitamin D but, moderation is key because too much UVB causes sunburn.




What is the best level to start off on?

Answer: Technically. the higher the level the better because higher levels have less UVB {burning ray), so the higher levels, when done in moderation, are actually less likely to burn you and give you more tan from each session. But, any skin type type can tan on any level as long as you go with our recommended tanning times to avoid burning. 

Can I upgrade to a higher level for the day?

Answer: Yes! You can upgrade for the day for just $3 per level!