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   One Month Packages = 30 Days of unlimited Red Light Treatments.  | V.I.Perfect Pass Add On = Already have a tanning membership with us? Add on Red Light Therapy and SAVE!  Only $24 to add on. | Red Light Pass = EFT Membership giving you unlimited monthly access to Red Light Therapy.

RED Light Therapy


Save 70% On unlimited
RED Light Therapy

When you add on to an existing V.I.Perfect Pass membership!


One Month


add to existing



Red Light


/mo. Cancel anytime.


*no EFT required

/mo. Cancel anytime.

* Personal music selection powered by Spotify.  |  * Relax by grabbing
a chilled lavendar infused towel.  |   * 15-20 minute max treatment times.

Here's what our clients are saying about why they do Red Light Therapy: 

Full Body

Skin Therapy

How long is a treatment? 

Answer: Perfect Tan offers RLT units that have both 15 minute and 20 minute max exposure times.  Units vary by location.  Consistency is key when doing RLT so getting in for even a 10 minute treatment can be beneficial!

How often do I need to come?

Answer: The frequency of treatments varies based upon the condition treated but for most conditions it is suggested that you come in 3 times per week for the first month.  Some treatments like acne may be treated in much less time than a month.  Chronic conditions that require maintenance can be dropped to 1-3 times per week once satisfactory results have been achieved. 

Can I burn in a red Light bed?

Answer: No.  There is no known risk of overexposure.  Treatments max out at 20 minutes, not because of overexposure risk but rather because after 20 minutes the skin has essentially recieved its "max dose" for a 24 hour period.

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