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InfraRED Sauna


Boost your immune system wiTh A 
45 minute
 in the 

InfraRED Sauna

get a session for only $15

*V.I.Perfect Pass | eft membership



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by the



/mo. Cancel anytime.

/mo. Cancel anytime.

* Personal music selection powered by Spotify.  |  * Relax by grabbing
a chilled lavendar infused towel.  |   * 15-45 minute max treatment times. 
* Enjoy Netflix, YouTube and more while you relax!

Here's what our clients are saying about why they do InfraRED Sauna Therapy: 

How long is a treatment? 

Answer: Perfect Tan offers InfraRED Sauna in 15 minute increments.  One's session length preference can vary, depending on what their goal is.  That's why we offer a ton of flexibility in terms of session times!

How often do I need to come?

Answer: The frequency of treatments varies based upon your goal.  Many guests prefer to come right after an extra strenuous workout, or simply on a day when their symptoms are worse.  But for others, they just choose to come in when they would like to be able to indulge in deep relaxation.

What is the difference between an InfraRed Sauna and a regular sauna?

Answer: The InfraRED Sauna gives you all of the "heat benefits" of a regular sauna while giving you many ADDITIONAL benefits that come from being treated with far infrared light.  This gives a much deeper, more penetrating effect and triggers many more beneficial systemic responses in the body!

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