Sanitation Protocols

Systematic Sanitation

For over a decade Perfect Tan has been renowned for industry-leading sanitation practices.  How have we achieved this? By a systematic method of sanitizing in the same way that a hospital would - every point of contact is disinfected.  This is not just service equipment but also includes, handles, shelves, chairs, counters and more. Plus, UV equipment, Red Light Therapy and InfraRED Sauna have the added benefit of light sources that are naturally anti-microbial disinfectants.

Individual Privacy

No guest will have to come into close proximity with other guests.  Each guest can check in without having to touch any surfaces.  Each guest is treated to their own individual thoroughly sanitized room.




At Perfect Tan we use and have always used Australian Gold's PH neutralizing hospital-grade sanitizer. We go far beyond regular retail sanitizing products like Lysol and Purel! 

Call Ahead, Wait in your car option

A new feature that we are offering to guests in light of recent events is the option to call ahead to check in and wait in your car.  This gives you the ability to walk right into your freshly sanitized service room without an interpersonal interaction!